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  • Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

    Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

    Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

    While this clock comes from the Howard Miller factory, the biggest producer of grandfather clocks in the USA, it is available to British buyers who can purchase it online at Known for its modernity and simplicity, the clock is a follow up to the more traditional grandfather clocks styled from veneer woods with swan necks and gilded clock faces. It will suite a modern home where the occupants are not afraid to veer away from more traditional approaches to the concept of a grandfather clock.

    While grandfather clocks as a whole don’t age, and the tradition of a family purchase of a clock remains even for those who already possess one, the new trend of purchasing a Howard Miller Urban Floor 111 is reaching a peak among the new generations. It’s simple design matches the modern minimalist home, and it has also become a favourite for office foyers as a touch of class to add to any corporate image.(Incidentally, because a clock is something that lasts beyond one generation, there is a custom of writing on the back of the clock to detail the various owners of the clock. - If you do purchase this clock, make sure you add your name and the date of acquistion on the back.  Your children and their children beyond them, will have fun reading through the generations).

    People who purchase the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 clock are starting a trend for themselves and their children that breaks away from traditional clocks as we know them. They are looking for something simple and modern with clean lines that speaks of a minimalist and Zen approach to interior decor. Its the type of clock that will stand out in 50 years time, as coming from an era that knew itself and understood it's edge despite the fact that everything around it was conservatively claiming that a clock should be more traditionally made from solid hard wood, should have a gilded face and should blend in with Grandmother's Furniture from the second world war.

  • Retirement gifts

    Retirement gifts

    You may just have one of these men in your life.  A man who has such refined and defined taste in gifts, that you struggle to know what to buy him to show your appreciation for who he is, particularly when you are looking for retirement gifts.  

    Retirement gifts Retirement gifts

    He could be one of those men who gets irritated by the normal Christmas, birthday or Retirement Gifts that are traditionally given to men.  He is obviously well within his right to feel this way, but it does leave you, as his partner, at a loss as what to do when his birthday or Christmas comes around.  As the wife or mother of the house, you are far too busy juggling all your domestic responsibilities to be able to hone in on his exact interest, be it bicycles or koi fish, and to know what purchase you could make that would delight him, in this area.  More often than not, any purchase you make is not one hundred percent exactly what he was looking for in that area anyway.  Yes, it may have something to do with golf, which he likes, but it’s the wrong something!  Your husband may once have expressed interest in that particular band, but it does not mean he wants to own a CD of their music.

    And these particular men are generally not great shoppers.  So you cannot even walk around the Mall with him with your ears and eyes peeled for something that takes his fancy that you could give him as Retirement Gifts. He has made it clear years ago that he is not the general shopper in the home, and that if it were up to him you would survive only on fish he had caught from his own Khoi pond.

    So what do you do?  You find him a website he can browse around on for hours, focusing on products that you know will grab him, and you give him your verbal go ahead that he can spend up to a certain amount on that website.  You save yourself the trouble of looking, you save him the trouble of having to shop, and instead you give him hours to develop his particular interest without you having to stress about the details about what to do when it comes to Retirement Gifts.

    One such Retirement Gifts website for him is grandfather clock site.  If you find the right one, you will find a selection of cuckoo, mantelpiece, wall and grandfather clocks that will keep an interested man busy for hours.  With Exclusive Gifts for him ranging from R2,500 in the case of Cuckoo clocks, to the flagship tubular bell Grandfather clock that asks R120,000 depending on the wood type that he chooses.

    And that’s the beauty of such a website.  It combines knowledge and display of products, with the option for him to choose the size and wood type of the clock itself.  So instead of walking around boutique shops and trying to find something to purchase to make you feel good about having given him a birthday present, he can do what he really wants to do: shop in the quiet of his home, without the crowds, viewing a highly specialised website that displays products, all of which, he is fascinated by.  Window shopping on its own, will even be a treat.

    And if he chooses one of the Retirement Gifts that you cannot afford this year, so much the better.  You can combine a number of birthdays and Christmases and save up for the item of his choice.  It will make it all the more worthwhile when he gets it, and in the meantime he will have spent many happy hours dreaming about the various possibilities!

  • Howard Miller Kristyn 611-158 Grandfather clock

    Howard Miller Kristyn 611-158 Grandfather clock is for sale on at the very lowest price in the UK.

    Howard Miller KRISTYN 611-158 Grandfather Clock Howard Miller KRISTYN 611-158 Grandfather Clock

    Kristyn is a modern floor clock. The timber is finished in Espresso colour and all accessories, weights and pendulum are brushed nickel. Howard Miller 611-158 is fitted with a white dial featuring brushed nickel accented hands and hour markers. The Cable driven Kieninger movement plays the Westminster melody. The mechanical movement has an automiatic night time shut off option. A light illuminates the case's inside. offers this modern clock for sale including shipping to your door within Mainland UK ans excluding the Highlands at £2,780.00. This price may change without notice in the future, so please check our grandfather clocks website for the current price. Remember that we will do our best to better any legitimate offer on the same clock.

  • Reuge Artemis Music Box

    The Reuge Artemis Music Box in Burr Amboyna features 72 notes and 12 Interchangeable cylinders playing 36 melodies. We had this music box in our showroom once and it is just so beautiful.

    The box of 570mm high sits atop the table of 850mm high which brings it right up to 1420mm or almost 1.5 metres.

  • Automatic nighttime chime shut-off function

    The Howard Miller Cambridge grandfather clock features automatic nighttime chime shut-off option as a standard function. Once activated, your clock will play its last Westminster melody of the day at 19:00 and automatically start chiming again at 07:15.


  • Grandfather Clock Stories

    Here is a really interesting story about grandfather clocks.

    Did you know that a horologist will find good use for dentists' inspection mirrors?

    Howard Miller builds the case of the JH Miller II grandfatherclock  with side window panes to facilitate visual access to the spectacular Kieninger HTU 9 Tubular movement. This enables the owner to enjoy the movement with its triple chime melodies without having the need for inspection mirrors.

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